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Volunteer Program

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Ryan or Glenn at

start of a trioba raceThe Trioba Volunteer Program is designed for the very purpose of producing one of the best races in the nation. Trioba Volunteers play a crucial and essential role in making this happen by interacting with the participants, serving as safety and communication links during the race, and filling the crucial roles. You do not need to scale mountains and traverse rivers to volunteer for a TRIOBA race. However, you do need to be willing to assist in the production of an outdoor athletic event, have a genuine interest in sporting activities, and maintain an enthusiastic, excited, and flexible attitude. The race directors want to produce one of the nation’s finest outdoor experiences and they want volunteers who are willing to come forward and assume the task of providing a high quality race. Come join us and volunteer in making our races great.

Reasons to volunteer

There are several volunteer opportunities: you may staff a Checkpoint, be part of the Medical Safety Team, help staff HQ, be involved at one of the Transition Areas, participate on a discipline specific team, such as the ropes course, and so much more.

Volunteer Race Credit Program

Volunteers who work an entire sprint race will receive a credit of $50 toward a future race. Those who work an entire 24-hour race will receive a $100 race credit. These credits are valid for one year from the date of service. Medical professionals who serve on the medical safety team receive double credits. These credits are non-transferable.

CP & TA Staff

an adventure race checkpointCheckpoint personnel are stationed at checkpoints throughout the course, ranging from isolated and challenging-to-reach CPs to the easily accessed. Racers are always happy to see CP personnel. They are a welcome and friendly sight to the often exhausted and worn-out adventure racer. Checkpoint personnel sign the race passport, encourage and support the racers, and report time and team information to HQ. Checkpoint personnel are the eyes in the field.

HQ Personnel

The action is bustling at Race HQ. Hear the buzz of race communications as CP staff relay race info and participants check in and out. This is information central and you may be asked to do a multitude of tasks, such as assist with check-in, assist in finish line activities, and help with the race progress and updates.

Medical Safety Teams

mountain biking in an adventure raceParamedics, EMTs, and other medical professionals.

The Medical Safety teams provide the medical knowledge and experience to help an injured adventure racer. We hope that injuries never exceed the minor scratches, bruises and blisters common to adventure racing, but if they do, having a qualified medical staff to assist the participant is essential.

Either join the HQ Medical Team or the Field Medical Teams that support and help the TRIOBA racers.

Become a part of making Trioba great; join the Trioba race management team as a volunteer. It was voted the best, in part, because of the solid core of volunteers. Come join and be a part of one of the best adventure races in the Northwest. We look forward to hearing from you.