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TRIOBA Gear List

Participant Responsibility Model

fixing a flat tire during an adventure raceTrioba endorses the Participant Responsibility Model, wherein each participant takes primary responsibility for his/her own safety. You are encouraged to acquire the skills and experience required to safely participate in all of the various activities that can be part of adventure racing. You are expected to be aware of your own limitations and exercise good judgment while still challenging yourself. Race Directors will strive to provide you with adequate information regarding the activities involved in its events, while still retaining as much of the mystery and "adventure" that defines adventure racing.

The gear list should NOT be considered all that is necessary to safely participate in our events. You are required to make a personal assessment of your abilities and requirements for each event. You should carry with you all the gear that you believe is necessary to safely complete the event.

Full Time Mandatory Team Gear

Each team must have the following at all times

Full Time Mandatory Personal Gear

Each team member must have the following at all times

Mandatory Individual Biking Equipment (for events that including biking)

Each team member must have the following on all biking sections

Mandatory Paddling Equipment (for events that include paddling)

Prohibited Equipment

Recommended Gear

It is highly recommended that you review the list below and seriously consider carrying these items at all times during the race.  This list should be considered a minimum.

First Aid Kit



If you have any questions or do not understand any of the required gear on the list, please review the frequently asked questions section of our website or post a question on the PNWAR forum.