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Trioba Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 2-13-2009


Can I race solo?

No. You must race as a 2-, 3- or 4-person team. The sport involves teams in order to develop teamwork, problem solving skills, and to increase the safety of the participants.

Must my team be coed?

No. But it is preferred, as the sport was developed as a one of the few sports where men and women work together on the same team. Guys, if you are having problems finding a gal, try using the Pacific Northwest Adventure Racing team finder.

Are all teams ranked the same?

Yes, but only 4-person coed teams are eligible to receive awards and prizes.

Where can I find a training partner or team?

Be resourceful. Ask your brother, sister, friends, girlfriend, attend a Cascade Orienteering Club event, or try searching on the Pacific Northwest Adventure Racing team finder.

Do I have to stay with my team?

Yes. Stay with your team: try working as a team and being a team. All team members must remain within 50 meters of each other at all times and all team members must visit each checkpoint. You should only violate this rule for safety purposes, like going for help.

What if one of my teammates quits and I want to continue?

First you should try to encourage them to continue; maybe take their pack or pull/push them along. Help each other out. But if they still wish to quit, you should quit with them as a team would do. You may continue as a smaller team, but definitely not as a solo. You may only split a team in this way at TAs.


What equipment do I need to bring?

Review the gear lists. The mandatory gear list should NOT be considered all that is necessary to safely participate in our events. You are required to make a personal assessment of your abilities and requirements for each event. You should carry with you all the gear that you believe is necessary to safely complete the event. Pay careful attention to the recommended gear and consider taking it along as well.

Do I have to carry extra equipment while racing?

You must carry all the Individual Mandatory Equipment throughout the entire race. Discipline-specific equipment (e.g. for Mountain Biking or other disciplines) must be carried during those specific disciplines. Any additional or extra equipment is up to you, and depends on your safety and your skills.

Can I use my own maps?

Trioba will provide all course maps. NO other maps are allowed with you on the course. We are not, however, going to perform a map check before the event starts.

Can I use a GPS?


Is food and/or water provided on the course?

No. Bring your own fuel and hydration. Well, actually, you may find a stream that you could extract water from but Trioba will not be providing any water or food during the race (there will be food and drink at the finish). If you have questions, please post them on the Pacific Northwest Adventure Racing forum.

Do I need to bring my own boat?

This will depend on the race and will be specified in the details for each race. We have a limited number of boats to rent that we will deliver to the race location. Rental details and availability will be included on the details page for each race.

Can I modify my boat or use sails?

Yes, as long as the boat that you use is a human-powered forward-stroke boat and is safe for the conditions. For example, no sailboats or rowing shells are allowed.

Can I use a cyclocross or road bike?

You may use any bike that you choose. You may have significant issues if you use any type of bike other than a mountain bike. But then again, others may enjoy watching you try.

Transition Areas

Where do we store our bikes and equipment during the race?

You will store your bikes and equipment at designated transition areas along the course. Some races will require you to transport your equipment to a specified location prior to the race start.

Will Trioba staff transport any of my transition area equipment before or after the race?

Generally no, but in some cases we may move or return gear bins based on the number of volunteers that we have. Plan on being responsible for transporting your own equipment before and after the race. Sometimes this requires you to get up very early in the morning, Sso please encourage your friends and family to come out and volunteer.

Are Transitions Areas all at the same location or do they change throughout the race?

They may be all in the same location or they may be distributed along the course. The shorter the race, the more likely that transition areas will be in the same location. You may travel to the same transition area multiple times throughout a race.


What is a CP? What will it look like?

CP is an abbreviation for checkpoint. At each checkpoint there will be an orange marking ribbon and an orange and white orienteering marker with orange punch. At staffed checkpoints you will obviously see checkpoint personnel or what we like to call Trioba saviors.

What happens if I skip or miss a checkpoint?

Teams will be ranked first based on checkpoints reached and then by time. The course will be designed such that an average racer can easily reach all checkpoints; therefore, missing a checkpoint will have a serious negative effect on your team's rank.

Slower-tha-average racers may want to consider skipping a checkpoint to ensure they finish the course before the cuttoff time.

Exceptions to this rule are: if we make a mistake in placing a checkpoint, or if the checkpoint has been removed or stolen. There will be additional orange ribbon around the checkpoint area. If the punch is missing, you are required to write down the key word on the ribbon to verify that you visited the checkpoint.

Can I visit the checkpoints in any order?

No; you must go in sequential order: CP1, CP2, CP3 and so forth, unless stated otherwise. Volunteers at manned checkpoints will verify that you have proceeded in order.


Will we be using a paper passport? They may get wet and fall apart!

No. You will be using a waterproof paper passport that might fall apart if you don’t take care of it. So keep it in a baggie or your map case.


How do I register?

You may register online or via email. See the registration page for registration options. Online is the preferred choice of Trioba users.

Can I register at the pre-race meeting or the morning of the race?

No. We are not able to manage that kind of chaos at the pre-race meeting or morning of.

Can I register a team even if I don’t have all or any of their information or even know who my teammates will be?

Yes, you may, but you must provide all the necessary team information to field a team at least ten days prior to the race.


Do I need a support crew?

No. Support crews are not allowed.


How do I volunteer?

Visit our volunteer page for details. You will be considered a Trioba savior.


How many miles is the race?

It depends on the race, your route selection, your pace, and whether or not you get lost, but typically:

How come the course or location of the course is not revealed?


If I’m injured, will there be medical staff at certain checkpoints or transition areas?

Yes and No. Some checkpoints will be staffed with volunteers, but most will not. All transition areas will be staffed with volunteers and most will have medical support available. Trioba races have EMTs or paramedics on staff. They will be stationed at race headquarters and will be deployed in the event there is a medical emergency and their services are required.

Are there any qualifying races or qualifications in order to participate in a Trioba race?

No, not really, but it is certainly advisable to have some level of physical fitness, the more the better. The races are very demanding physically and mentally. You or a team member should know how to use a map and compass and navigate. You should also be able to ride a mountain bike.

So what do we get?

We will strive to create well-designed races that are safe, competitive, and fun. Our events will challenge your limits of mental and physical endurance. We will strive to make our events fun and family-oriented. When racers complete our events they will have accomplished a great achievement. Specifically, you will get a well managed race, Trioba race bibs that you’ll return at the end of each race, Trioba bike numbers, high-quality maps, post-race party including food and drink, prizes, give-a-ways, and one unbelievable adventure race! Your entry fee also includes taxes, land use fees/permits, and insurance. You pay one entry fee and no other additional race fees.

Should I bring my family?

Of course. Our events are held in beautiful locations around Washington. There are plenty of activities for your family to do while you are racing. We will post family activities with our race updates prior to each race.

Do I need to know how to navigate?

Is the course marked? Yes, you should know how to read a map and navigate, unless of course you want to get really lost. The course is unmarked. There are no course markings besides checkpoints and transition areas. We recommend reading the book “Wilderness Navigation,” by Burns and Burns. We also recommend participating in orienteering events prior to the race.

What is UTM?

Universal Transverse Mercator; just google it.