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Ellensburg Sprint Adventure Race

August 18 - Ellensburg WA


Event Description

We are excited to offer you a sprint adventure race in an area that has a long history of adventure racing. This will be a classic adventure race with an expected duration of 5-10 hours. All checkpoints will be obtained in sequential order. The course will consist of 20-30 miles of mountain biking and 5-15 miles of trekking and trail running. There will be no paddling in this race. The course will be completely navigation based, and teams should be proficient with using a map and compass in order to finish the course.


We will be using 1:24,000 USGS based maps printed on water resistant paper. It is your responsibility to preserve the maps and checkpoint descriptions throughout the race. There will be no replacements available. All checkpoints will be pre-plotted. The maps will have some improvements to reflect trails/roads that might be useful to you. No outside maps are permitted on the course. You are welcome to use other maps prior to the race start. Race maps will be distributed prior to the start in order to allow participants enough time to plan their routes.


Each checkpoint will have a standard orange and white orienteering flag, an electronic punch box, and a backup manual punch. There will be no paper passports for this race. All controls have been located by GPS and vetted. You will be expected to insert your SPORTident card in the electronic box. In the event that an electronic punch doesn’t work, you will be required to manually punch your map.

SPORTident Timing

Thanks to the Cascade Orienteering Club, we will be using SPORTident timing for this race. Each team will be assigned one electronic punch stick. If you own a stick, you will NOT be allowed to use it. You will be given the stick at check in and then be responsible for this stick during the race. If you lose or damage it, you will be required to purchase it (approximately $50). We will give a demonstration of using the timing system at the prerace meeting. You must turn in your stick at the completion of the race.


Teams can be as small as one or as large as you like. Only 4-person coed teams in the traditional adventure race will be considered a premier category and eligible for awards/prizing. If you need help putting together a team, try the Team Finder at the PNWAR forum or our facebook page.

Schedule - August 18

Participant Responsibility Model

Trioba endorses the Participant Responsibility Model wherein participants take primary responsibility for their own safety. Participants are encouraged to acquire the skills and experience required to safely participate in all of the various activities that can be part of rogaine. Participants are expected to be aware of their own limitations and exercise good judgment while still challenging themselves. Race Directors will strive to provide participants with adequate information regarding the activities involved in its events.

The gear list should NOT be considered all that is necessary to safely participate in our events. You are required to make a personal assessment of your abilities and requirements for each event. You should carry with you all the gear that you believe is necessary to safely complete the event.

Registration/Race Fees


Division Early Registration (until 5/31/2012) Regular Registration (6/1/2012-7/31/2012) Late Registration (8/1/2012-8/16/2012)
Traditional AR $60/person $75/person $100/person
Foot only $30/person $40/person $50/person
Bike only $30/person $40/person $50/person

Race fees include land use fees/permits, taxes, high-quality maps, insurance, post-race party including food and drink, prizes, give-a-ways, and one unbelievable race!

Registration closes

August 16, 2012 midnight

Refund Policy

If you cancel


The rules for the Trioba Sprint Adventure Race are intended to maximize the safety and enjoyment of all participants. Please review and follow the rules!

If you have any questions please review the frequently asked questions section of our website, post a question on our facebook page, or email us at

Support Crew

The race will not require a support crew, and no teams will be allowed to receive support from any person not racing. However, friends and family and any other spectators are encouraged to attend the race, and there will be ample opportunities for these people to watch the race. If friends and family would like to be more involved than simply as a spectator, we are always looking for more volunteers for the event.

Required Gear

You are required to have specific gear with you during the race. See the gear page for a list.


Prizes (4-person coed teams only)

Certificates for discounted entry are awarded to each individual team member


Awards will be presented shortly after each finish after the results have been calculated. Prizes will be awarded and there will also be some great food and drinks available to all racers. All teams that are eligible for prizes must be present at the awards ceremony. We recommend that all teams stick around for the awards ceremony to congratulate the winning teams and take part in this festive atmosphere!


Actual event location will be disclosed one week before the race date. The location is less than one hour from Ellensburg WA.


For complete information, please visit the Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce website.


Poulsbo Inn and Suites
Port Gamble Guest Houses


We hope to provide camping at the event location.


Volunteering is an excellent way to get the feel and experience of a rogaine if you are unsure if you would like to participate. Also, friends and family of racers that are planning on coming to the race are encouraged to volunteer. Rogaines would not be possible without the help of volunteers, and Trioba is currently looking for outdoor-minded volunteers that are willing to help with the race!

All volunteers that can help for the duration of the race will receive a certificate for a discount on future Trioba events and food after the race. If you would like to be a part of this exciting event, please contact Trioba at

Trioba Trails Day

We believe in giving back to the areas where we play. We will be holding a Trioba trails day in Capitol Forest as part of the Great Gravel Pack In on March 31, 2012. We will be partnering with Friends of Capitol Forest. Each person who attends the work party will receive a discount on their entry fee. If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, email us at and let us know.