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jenglennIt is our commitment to create high-quality, well-designed races in the beautiful forests of the Pacific Northwest—races that are safe, competitive, and fun. And although they're fun and family-oriented, our events will also challenge the limits of your mental and physical endurance. When you complete a Trioba event, you'll know you've achieved something great.


macjillTrioba is owned and operated by outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy exploring the wild lands all around us. We are involved with Trioba because of our love for the outdoors and adventure sports. After a brief break in 2008, Trioba returned in 2009 after its purchase by Econaut Investments, LLC. Econaut is owned by investors that include Ryan VanGorder, Jen VanGorder, Glenn Rogers, Aaron Rinn, Dan McNamara, and Jill Purcell.

Team DART-nuun

ryanSome of us are also members of Team DART-nuun (the “Team”). However, Trioba is not affiliated with the Team. If team DART-nuun chooses to participate in Trioba events, no owners of Trioba will be a part of the Team and the Team will not participate in any of the race planning or course setting or have access to any pre-race information that is not available to every other racer.

Participant Responsibility Model

aaronTrioba endorses the Participant Responsibility Model, wherein each participant takes primary responsibility for his/her own safety. You are encouraged to acquire the skills and experience required to safely participate in all of the various activities that can be part of adventure racing. You are expected to be aware of your own limitations and exercise good judgment while still challenging yourself. Race Directors will strive to provide you with adequate information regarding the activities involved in its events, while still retaining as much of the mystery and "adventure" that defines adventure racing.


joel yeagerIn 2003, brothers Justin and Joel Yeager created the Trioba Adventure Racing Series. Teams of two, three, and four kayaked, mountain biked, and trekked their way over the spectacular landscape of Washington's Cascade Range. Participants quickly discovered that Trioba was an adventure race that would seriously challenge their skills, stamina, and determination, against the rugged terrain, unpredictable weather, and other competitors, all in an effort to complete the Trioba courses.

justin yeagerBuilding on the momentum of being voted the best adventure race in the Pacific Northwest by City Sports Magazine two years in a row (2003 and 2004), the Trioba Adventure Racing Series moved to the forefront of the west coast adventure racing community, producing several sprint and 24-hour races in the following years. The sprints were designed for weekend warriors and those new to adventure racing.

The 24-hour races were designed to challenge even the most experienced teams physically, mentally, and navigationally. Teams from the United States and Canada assembled in Washington State with the hopes of completing what has quickly become known as one of the toughest 24-hour adventure races in North America.